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  • Las Vegas – an eternal gambling city accepting USA players

    The history of Las Vegas as one of the biggest gambling centers is connected with numerous gossips and conjectures. However the most part of them is truth. Today Las Vegas is considered to be a world capital of the entertaining industry but very few people know that in the beginning of the XIX century there was nothing, except sand and drying up beams of the sun in territory of a modern gambling city.
    The year 1829 is considered to be a born of Las Vegas, as then a caravan from 60 persons lost the way in the Nevada desert. One of participants strayed from the other people and found an oasis which has saved a life to all the caravan members. After that event a small town began to grow around an oasis which received a name Las Vegas (from Spanish it means the «inundated meadows»).

    The development of gambling in Las Vegas made authorities of Nevada, being afraid of crime rate growth, completely to forbid any gambling in that district. But in 1931 under the pressure of the public the interdiction was removed. It was an incitement for blossoming of the gambling industry in the Nevada State and appearing numerous casinos for USA players.

    Benjamin Sigal became one of key figures due to which activity Las Vegas won a title of “gambling paradise» which was alays ready to accept us players. Using the advantages of the legislation in the Nevada State, Bagsi constructed the first large casino in seven miles from Las Vegas which was called “Flamingo”. Such gangsters as Meirom Lanski and Laki Luchano took part in building of an enormous construction. They enclosed in the project over one million dollars. One of the oldest casinos in the world — “Flamingo” which still accepts US players – opened the doors in the Christmas night 1946.

    The Bagsi’s business is alive till now and makes considerable profits. His famous casino “Flamingo” still exists. However everything in Las Vegas has changed greatly. In 1967 a known businessman Gordon Hughes bought a casino and hotel Sands, and since then a “city-paradise” began to pass from the gangsters’ hands to enormous corporations such as Hilton and Sheraton which are ready to accept USA players as well.

    Today Las Vegas is considered to be one of the largest world centers accepting USA players and the layer from all over the world. By the data of 2007 all gambling houses in territory of Las Vegas earned almost 6,6 billion dollars from which over 700 million have gone to the American treasury in taxes. Such prosperity of gambling is proved by the national sayings which arise among United States inhabitants — for example, «the one who has not visited Vegas, does not know taste of a life».

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