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    Seeing his aunt Felicity play online casino for australian players games might not be exactly what Tim had in mind when he first got to his aunt in Australia. She had called him in the middle of the night, telling him she had already purchased his plane ticket and that he would have to wake up, back his bags and head to the airport that very morning, at 5 AM. What had happened? What was with all the rush. His aunt reused to talk things through over the phone. So, as expected, Tim hoped for the best, but expected the worst, as his aunt’s tone of voice did not exactly enlighten him about the news she had in store for him.


    So of course Tim did what he had to do. We woke up, packed a small suitcase – as he had no ideas how long was his aunt planning on keeping him there – and called a taxi.  The flight was long and exhausting, but at least he managed to finally get some sleep. So by the time Tim reached his aunt Felicity’s house, it was already 5 in the afternoon. Soon after she welcomed him inside her home, Tim started bombarding her with tons of questions. Then, to his surprise, his aunt started to laugh like a mad person and started yelling ‘I’m rich, we’re rich, Tim!’. She immediately told him that she had used the money he had been regularly sending her for months in a row now to play online pokies the moment she came across some fine pokies online casino reviews. And now they had won one million dollars. Tim fainted.


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