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    Online Poker Affiliate Program – let’s play and work!

    Today poker is known as the most popular, most advantageous and most interesting casino gambling where success depends on the gambler’s skills and a little bit on luck. Poker card is game played with 52-card pack. The number of players in the game can vary. Despite the fact that the game seems to be very simple it is one of the most difficult.

    The cards seniority in poker is the following: ace, king, lady, jack … a deuce. It should be noted that ace can sometimes be the lowest card, for example, in a combination of an ace, deuce, triple, four, and five. To win one needs to collects the most powerful combination of cards. The most popular poker combinations of cards are:
    Royal Flush  – 5 highest cards of one suit.

    Straight flush  – 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.

    4 of a kind – 4 cards of the same rank.

    Full House  – 3 cards of one rank and a pair.

    Flush  – 5 cards of the same suit.

    3 of a kind – 3 cards of one rank.

    2 Pairs – Two cards of one rank and two of another one.

    1 Pair – Two cards of same rank.

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